Top 10 Video Tips for Non-Profit Organizations

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Trying to add video to your blog and Facebook Page? Stop and read these tips!

Trying to add video to your blog and Facebook Page? Stop and read these tips!

According to the Pew Internet Center, views of video have skyrocketed and now 69% of adults watch video! Video has been shown to be an increasingly interactive and effective way for organizations to engage with their audience. Still, video can be a scary thing to implement, so I’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why organizations should use video to promote themselves on their personal blogs or on their Facebook Fan Page! Use video to:
  1. Create an emotional connection to viewers. Video personalizes the organization and lets it come out from behind the brand. Use it to speak directly to your audience.
  2. Drive engagement with your audience. Ask questions to your audience through video, and with VideoAlbum, responses are collected on one page for all viewers and fans to see.
  3. Show your story with video versus tell through text. Demonstrate your organization’s mission with field videos and statements from staff members. If viewers see through your body language and words why you find your cause so important, viewers are more likely to feel the same way.
  4. Initiate contests or awareness platforms. Use video to announce the contest and its results! You’ll keep viewers on the edge of their seats while you to open up the envelope with the winner!
  5. Leverage as a fund raising tool for converting prospective donors. Donors want to interact with organizations that are fervent about their goals and donors and video adds that layer of passion.
  6. Use video for annual reports. Showcase the top developments and results succinctly but save some key findings to encourage your viewers to read the report.
  7. Assets for annual events, board meetings and training. Statistics and graphs are helpful, but they lack pathos for viewers to connect. Include video in your presentations to accentuate points.
  8. Celebrate your progress with testimonials and success stories. If you have viewers who are willing to record a video telling the whole world why your organization is amazing, post them on your blog, website, or Facebook page! Create a VideoAlbum, too, so viewers can flip through the (hopefully) multitude of responses.
  9. Thank donors, supporters, and volunteers. When Facebook reached 500 million users two weeks ago, Facebook released a photo album of each employee holding up a customized “Thank You” sign. It’s a touching concept, but think of how more it would be through video!
  10. Share and connect with your community online and offline. I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but video is the best way to personally connect with your audience. Let them watch videos online and offer the videos as downloads so your viewers can carry you with them on their iPods, smart phones, etc. Video is the way of the future; don’t say we didn’t tell you so!
Recording video for the first time can be hard so make sure to practice, practice, practice! Check out the following tutorial for how to add a VideoAlbum to your Facebook Page.

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