How to Record Webcam Videos, Edit Them and Share Everywhere!

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Recording video in Pixorial using your webcam is now easier than ever before. Just follow the steps below.
Upload Media
  1. Click “Upload Media”.
  2. In the Upload menu, choose “Record Video” – this will start the video capture embedded in the Upload menu.
  3. Enable flash to use your webcam and microphone.
  4. Record your video by clicking the red record button to start and click again to end.
  5. Click “Save” and your webcam video will be added to your Pixorial library!
  6. Once it’s uploaded, you can quickly edit the video and share it anywhere. Just follow the steps on the right side of your screen. You can transform videos (add your titles, text boxes, and music!) and share them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and much more.
Want to capture and share on the go?
You can use Pixorial for Mobile, on iOS or Android.

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We are very sorry to tell you that the Pixorial service was shutdown last July 18, 2014.

Making this decision was extremely difficult for our team because Pixorial had over 636,000 users, 2.7 million minutes of video and countless photos, and we know that this media represents your most meaningful moments.

We will be leaving up and running for a few months for informational purposes.

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