Pixorial Picks – A chat with our Facebook App Developer

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Today we sit down with our developer who is our Facebook API genius. He helped drive the efforts behind Pixorial’s Facebook APP and makes sure that whenever we are alerted to a new change, (and they happen more often than you may think) that we don’t miss a beat and that our users continue to enjoy the ease of posting and editing videos on Facebook. Of course he does a number of other things but we can’t reveal all of our secrets. So without further delay, I present Dan. Name: Dan also known as MrPlazmaDude What is Your Role: Web Developer – Integration with social networks and other such business. How do you use Pixorial? I am a big fan of Starcraft II and overall video game shoutcasting.  Pixorial lets me upload all of my shoutcasts and organize them into folders for each game or parts in a series.  Once I have everything organized I can select the matches I want to share and post them to Facebook or YouTube while I get my nerd on! What is your favorite Pixorial feature? I like having the ability to organize my videos into folders so that I don’t go crazy looking through page after page to find a video… that and search.  Oh, and the ability to post to all of my social networks with the click of a button rather than logging on to each one and having to upload individually. What was the latest video you created with Pixorial? I recently shot video of a trip with a coworker to Glacier National Park. When not applying your mad coding skills, what apps do you use? I have the Grooveshark app on my phone.  I plug my phone into my Aux port and have access to any song I could ever want while driving in my car. Video tip? Be as still as possible and try not to take video while walking. It can’t be nauseating for the viewer. Time for a little show and tell… In this video, my buddy is showing the gameplay for the MMO (massively multiplayer online game – for those who don’t know.) Rift during round six of its closed beta. He uses Pixorial to edit and archive his gameplay videos and then posts them to YouTube.

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We are very sorry to tell you that the Pixorial service was shutdown last July 18, 2014.

Making this decision was extremely difficult for our team because Pixorial had over 636,000 users, 2.7 million minutes of video and countless photos, and we know that this media represents your most meaningful moments.

We will be leaving pixorial.com up and running for a few months for informational purposes.

For more background please visit our blog.

Please email questions to help AT pixorial.com