Partner Connection Network Overview

Pixorial is committed to building relationships with companies that have a shared interest in improving the process of capturing, editing, creating, sharing, and viewing consumer video.

The Pixorial Partner Connection Network is designed to:

  1. Showcase partner solutions of interest to our customers
  2. Enable select partners to participate in the only crowd-sourced video ecosystem that lets anyone transform shared experiences into personal stories.

Whether accessed online or through a mobile device, videos enhance a user’s experience across all platforms, and can ultimately generate additional revenue streams for your company.  Our open APIs allow for easy programmatic access to Pixorial capabilities.  Pixorial also supports the oEmbed standard to enable embedding video content into websites.

Apply for the Pixorial Partner Program that works for you, and learn how quickly you can join in Pixorial’s market-leading video sharing ecosystem.

Partner Programs

Pixorial seeks to develop relationships with companies in three different ways:
  1. Technology Partners – integrate with our technology ecosystem
  2. Channel Partners – market or resell our offerings to your customers
  3. Powered by Pixorial Partners – leverage our platform to power your offering
Contact us to discuss creating a partnership that works for you.

Technology Partner Program

Pixorial Technology Partners typically participate in our video ecosystem in the following ways:
  • Capture – devices or cloud storage services that are originators of content.
  • Transform – computer OEMs providing a platform for editing or ISVs providing components that enhance (music, templates, etc.) personal movie creation.
  • Share – community or social sites that enable sharing of videos and personal movies.
  • View – set top boxes and other devices for viewing personal or shared videos.
The Pixorial Technology Partner Program delivers direct access to all the technologies and opportunities Pixorial offers so we can jointly succeed in the rapidly growing mobile video market.

Channel Partner Program

Pixorial Channel Partners can get started with an approach as simple as co-promotion.  Alternatively, many partners bundle one or more of our offerings with their own to enhance the value of the products and services they are offering their customers.

The Pixorial Channel Partner Program is an easy way to include the simple video editing, creation, and sharing that customer’s desire in your offering.

Powered by Pixorial Partners leverage the Pixorial platform to enable delivery of your offering.

Many companies have learned that it is easier and more cost-effective to leverage Pixorial’s mature platform to enable capture and sharing of video content in the cloud.

Featured Partner Solutions

As a featured app with Google Drive, users can easily sync video files to Pixorial’s cloud-based platform where they can create, share, and collaborate on their videos with friends and family.
NYVS is an online video school designed to help anyone who wants to create better video. They offer hundreds of easy video tutorials for all skill levels, covering topics from “what camera should I buy?” to “what are some great advanced editing techniques?” to everything in between.
MyWedding has quickly become one of the largest and most trusted online wedding planning resources.  Through Pixorial, MyWedding offers users a variety of video options to capture moments from the past, present, and future, and ultimately share their story with friends and family.
Larsen Digital chose Pixorial’s video sharing platform to expand its video conversion offering with online video editing, sharing, and storing.  Once their media has been converted, Larsen customers can use Pixorial to securely store, transform, and share their digitized memories.
Balfour is a premier provider of school spirit and recognition products.  Leveraging Pixorial’s video platform, Balfour is able to go beyond photos by empowering students, teachers, and the community to capture and share school memories through video.
Rumblefish is the largest provider of music soundtracks for social media.  Integration with the Rumblefish API provides Pixorial customers with access to the world’s largest copyright-cleared soundtrack catalog and enables them to add soundtracks to their videos.