Want to convert your old media to last-forever digital?

Most people have it stashed away somewhere in a closet: The Media Box. You saved the videotapes and film reels, but you can’t access them via your computer. And you probably don’t have a 8mm or 16mm film projector or Beta or VHS player any more, regardless. So what can you do to see those old movie and video memories again?

We’ve done the research and selected a media conversion company that can do an excellent job of converting that vintage media to a digital video format you can edit and share.

Pixorial has partnered with Larsen Digital, based in Pleasant View, Utah for media conversion. With Larsen, your media is in good hands with a highly trained and well-qualified group of digital image technicians. They do not ship any media overseas for conversion, unlike many other services. At the conversion facility in Utah, all film and video is securely stored in a fireproof vault when not being processed. And it’s all shipped back to you after conversion, too.

Combine old and new footage and delight your friends and family. It’s a perfect accompaniment to a wedding, graduation, or birthday; everyone loves to see that unexpected “blast from the past.” You can begin sharing your old video and film memories by contacting Larsen Digital. When you use Larsen Digital to convert your media, you’ll get unlimited uploads to Pixorial for the first 30 days, plus a deeply discounted rate on a Pixorial Pro plan, if you need extra storage.

Visit Larsen’s home page for more information.